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Organ Concerts:

A concert should offer a special moving and enspiring experience for ist

A diversified Repertoire and insightful set of musical pieces ist he
absolute prerequisite for a successful concert.

Repertoire list

I will be pleased to plan a concert together with you as I can garantee for
a comprehensive and dynamic agenda, for an enormous rate of Improvisations
and original compositions by myself come with my normal Repertoire.

Piano Concerts:

As well as organ concerts i offer varous piano concert agendas. My
repertoire enfoldes the most famous piano literature of classical and
modern music..

Repertoire list

Chamber music

The Organ as well as the piano are terrific instruments for chamber music.
The Organ, along with its soloistic capabilities in concerts and services,
can be combined with several other Instruments due to its numerous accents
and voices.

My perticular attention is deemed to the combination of organ and violin for
which I not only write my own compositions but also play and edit other
Composers Works.

Remarkable combinations as for example of Organ and Saxophone or reciting
texts with organ accompainment like “organ and poetry” and “psalms in
literature and organ music” shows only a small section of my agenda.

As well as the organ the piano can also be combined with several other

My agenda includes several combinations of the Piano and other Instruments.
Piano together with Cello for example, like the duo (NAME), which was lately
foundet by Kathrin Brandt and myself.

Private Tutoring:

Organ lessons:

To play the organ yourself? That may not necessarily remain a dream any

I offer a well funded and realistic tutoring which imparts you the necessary
basics as well as the virtous abilities to play.

You will experience the Organ in its traditional as well as in its modern
perception and dive fully into the deep and lyric soundscapes of the

Piano Lessons:

You would like to play the piano but you fear the endless etudes and
difficult compositions which awaits you with every new teacher?

Or do you think you may be too old to start learning a new instrument? Far
from it!

After only a few lessons you will forge ahead and find out tha practising is a “feather”weight.


It is quite evident that the compositions of Richard Wagner and Felix
Mendelson Bartholdy are the most legendary musical wedding pieces.

But is there anything different maybe? In personal conversations with the
wedding couple I can work out an individual and sensitive balanced musical
agenda which contains the musical wishes of the couple and creates an
athmospheric and ambitious musical arrangement of the wedding.

Piano music fort he wedding festivity?

But also the backround music has to be thought of. And not everybody likes
music out of the stereo. How would you like solemnly piano music or even a
small Jazz – or Bluesband for a change to accompany the wedding banquet and
to enrich your wedding with an accoustical experience.

The musical accompainment of a funeral should embrace the musical wiishes of

bereaved as also the individuality, the life and personality of the late
relative and friend. In a personal conversation with the family members I
make a selection of harmonious and adequate music


Would you like it? Your own Composition. Maybe even named after you or
dedicated to you? I willingly compose remmitance work after your individual
ideas and imaginations in all type of musical styles.


A lot of Commpositions are not convertible for organ. But still there is an
great amount of wonderful works still to be edited.

You may have heared Compositions which you would like to hear at the organ?

Don`t hestitate and fulfill your dream.